Tecnel Srl


Over the years, Tecnel has gained increasingly in-depth experience in a variety of industrial environments. The first electrical, instrumentation and pneumatic systems were set up in chemical and petrochemical facilities and so were usually implemented in corrosive, hazardous environments.

These were then joined by more specialised equipment for production lines and packaging of pharmaceutical and phytopharmaceutical products.

In other sectors, we have participated in the production of assembly lines, ovens, incinerators and various accessory systems for electrical distribution and the connected security systems. Consequently, instrumentation and control systems for high and medium-voltage power generation facilities a natural environment for an electrotechnical company form part of our specialist experience.

Our fields of competence also include electrical and instrumentation design and preparation for gas and steam turbine skids, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors and their oil units.

As a natural evolution, we have begun setting up low and medium-voltage electrical systems and pneumatic systems for test facilities used for testing machinery for the oil sector.

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