Tecnel Srl


Tecnel offers its services as a partner in the design and construction of the main types of vessels. Our experience ranges from gas tankers to supply vessels and ferries, and ultimately the refined megayacht sector.

Our technical office has experience in designing the entire on-board electrical system.

Power generator management is the task of modern, sophisticated power management systems based on PLC logic from the most renowned global brands.

The main electrical switchboard and section switchboards can be assembled in standard cabinets or customised based on a wide variety of requirements, including any components deemed necessary.

The main electrical system is accompanied by the fire detection system, the alarm automation and monitoring system, including the aforementioned power management, and last but not least the lighting system. This can include incandescent bulbs, fibre optics or LEDs, and form part of a more complex indoor environment automation system that can be managed using touchscreens or other advanced peripherals.

Each design phase is undertaken in accordance with the clientís specifications and with the regulations of the various naval registers, with which we keep in contact throughout all of the design and construction phases that are directly performed and supervised by our personnel.

We also have all the professional instrumentation required for the commissioning phase.

Our design and production capacities allow us to manage several builds at the same time, and intervene promptly anywhere in the world as necessary.

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