Tecnel Srl


The experience we have gained in the industrial and naval fields has allowed us to enter the offshore installations field, where Tecnel has the capability to produce electrical instrumentation systems that are flameproof (AD-PE), high safety (AD-FT) and with intrinsic safety (AD-I), designed to be installed on modules for platforms located throughout the world.

The various environmental conditions and resulting implications are tackled and resolved with appropriate technical solutions and design and works implementation methods covered by ISO 9001 certification, which we gained in 1997.

In particular, we install electronic and pneumatic instrumentation based on Process and Instruments (P&I) diagrams to control aeroderivative and non-aeroderivative gas turbines, steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, and pumps.

Alongside this, we lay ducting suitable for a wide variety of plant types. This is designed based on the needs and requirements of the client, who we advise based on our experience.

Our areas of competence also include laying cables all the way to connection to local junction boxes or control rooms, where applicable. As part of ongoing attempts to limit timescales and costs, we design using special 3D software and use preassembled, precabled kits in the implementation phase.

The client is supported throughout the implementation phase up to commissioning, ensuring design assistance and providing rapid, effective responses to the various issues that often arise.

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